Various Artists – Bärn Kompileischn Pt. 2

SR035 – Digital, 12'' Vinyl
Release date: Jun 2013
Bärn Kompileischn Pt. 2


The idea of the Bernese compilation project matured over time. Countless acquaintances and experiences have matured and led to a meanwhile exciting awareness. The basic idea of a local platform brings with it the claim, to offer especially a strong but reliable basis to support the local artistic community in their partially unprofitable work as much as possible and to keep the drive.
Many positive reactions provide the necessary support in the motivation to implement this extensive project. However, the targeted horizon is still something in the distant future, because during this process highlights keep appearing and require pursuit. The primary focus is always on the newly created works. Young as well as more experienced producers who create with a lot of heart and soul, is what we want to promote.
In the first part of the compilation, already digitally published in December 2012 the scope is pretty noticeable. 14 unique songs were created in mutual exchange and collaboration. This promotes both personal positioning of each individual, as well as the motivation and focus on the immediate project. To explore new ways to experience learning and ultimately make the finished work available to an interested audience, are some interesting sites on the entire implementation. Anyway, the response was great in the public and actively encouraged us to continue.
Now for the second central part we were able to win even more well-known and influential artists of the Bernese music scene.
On one hand, the world-famous and bustling Starfighterz aka Deetron as well as the versatile creative collective Filewile; and on the other, Morgan Le Fay amongst many other things. In addition, Mike Machine (Sinneswandel) and Adriano Mirabile (Sinneswandel) join in to both present exciting pieces for diving into.
It’s quickly noticeable that the respective artists nevertheless differ greatly despite identical musical style. This variability is what we would like to see consciously revealed. Ultimately, however, all artists clearly move to electronic dance music. Hear for yourself...


Joris Voorn
Love the dub!

Filewile is exactly my style! Really cool music!

Desire and Checkout are cool.

Matthew Dekay
Love Filewile and Adriano Mirabile's track here.
Will definitely support! Thanks for this one guys.

Daniel Mehlhart
Desire for me!

Every track has a good energy to it.
Liking Desire especially.

Brothers Vibe
Good one, thanks!

I added "Add To Cart" to my cart.

Thanx ace!

Marko Nastic

Jay Cooper
Nice, thanks. Will try it!

Justin Field
Valdez for me, thanks.

Someone Else
Dejot Dub Remix.

Toby Dreher
Nice Kompileischn!

Simon Beeston
Mike Machine track is dope!

Patrick Zigon
Great compilation! My favs are Dejot Dub Remix & Checkout.
Straight in my case...perfect timing for my gig in BÄÄÄRN.

Desire from Mike Machine maybe for me.

Phil Kieran
Sounds really cool and nice, cheers.

Again lovely sounds from Switzerland, thanks!

Paco Buggin

Stefanos Nosak (
Great release! Thank u, full support from me!

Summer (Brendon Collins)
Really great music thanks.

F.E.X. ? - Robotronic Paris
Into valdez and desire.

Werner Niedermeier
Like the dejot dub of valdez, nice toon!

Nicolas Duvoisin
Great job as usual, thanks for the music.

Will download. Thank you for good music!

De:Bug - Sascha Kösch
Considering for review.

Magazine - Tsugi Mag
Desire for me.

Radio - Altroverso - DJ Misk
Playlist in altroverso radio.

Radio - AMDJS (St.Petersburg)
"Desire" by Mike Machine is quite nice tune.

Radio - Calin aka Catastrophic (Tunnel FM - Sweden)
Great selection here.
Will support on Tunnel FM! Thank you.

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto
Lovely pack - fave is the curiously seductive vibe of Desire!

Radio - Docepulgadas (Spain)
Downloaded for D.P, thanks!

Radio - NOICE! - Harry Ruffner
Enjoyed the Dejot Dub Remix.

Radio - Radio Fritz - Bruno Dietel
Great instrumentals in the remix!

Radio - - Schaffhausen
Voller Support!!

Radio - Triangle Fm - Laurent N.
Nice package & nice stuff.
Will play & support!

Radio FM4 - Marcus Wagner - Lapierre
Great filewile track!

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu
Ist gut, stelle ich vor.
Solid compilation, guess Checkout and Stolen Heart are my faves here.
Anyway will try them all, thx!

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