Dave Hard – Palilula

SR047 – Digital
Release date: Oct 2019
Dave Hard - Palilula


The music-savvy Bernese Dave Hard delivers a musically focused piece of work on Sirion Records with his EP Palilula. The lightness of a past summer can be felt here as well as the certain melancholy of an approaching autumn. The three tracks were also reinterpreted and remixed by Dole & Kom, Markus Homm, Mobi, Balance and the Sirionaut Bird. The trance-infused house track "Palilula" creates a bittersweet yet hands-up high atmosphere through pads, chords and bars. Markus Homm created an airy light remix one could listen to in an endless loop. Dole & Kom use skillful melody changes, suspense arches and an additional Acid-inspired synth line for their interpretation. Goose bumps on the dancefloor are guaranteed. "Mallet Dreams" announcing fall with filigree mallets, chords and pads. Yet with a certain drive he still feeds on the energy of summer. You'll want to listen to this one wrapped in a warm blanket, watching the foggy sunrise at the after hour of an open air at the lake. The Balance Remix a bit of a quieter, dubbier version. The downtempo affine number shines with a warm bassline and slightly reduced mallets. Pads which on the one hand contain a choral dress and on the other hand a rhythmic note harmonize perfectly with a static kickdrum and warm subbass in "The Soul". A nice rounding off of the whole EP. Mobi reinterprets the track completely and puts on a gloomy almost dystopian atmosphere, which shines through a rougher bassline. Sirion's Bird reduces the original track to its trance-like aspect, adds more drive and rhythm, and voil it's complete.


Markus Komm Remix is it for me! Great one!

Mallet Dreams, both original and remix, very nice, thanks !

Patryk Molinari
Markus Homm rmx is the one for me - thx!

Markus Homm remix!!

Patrick Zigon
Great EP! Espacially love Markus Homm and Bird's versions!

Paul Hazendonk
Full support on the title track.

Chris Fortier
Sounds good all the way.

Solid tracks Mallet Dreams.

Generally very good originals and reworks.

Georg Henze
Groovy und verspielt. Ich mag das Bongo-Ding - Track 2 -
direkt auf Anhieb. Und The Soul (Mob Remix) - dark und angedünstet!

Werner Niedermeier
Like the Dole & Kom remix as well as the Balance remix.
Good sound!

Peter Schumann
I like it !

Tolis Q
Great release here, loving Palilula original and Homm remix!

Harry Avers
A solid bit of music here... well diversified.

Bardia Salour
Nice melodic & trancy tunes.
Markus Homm remix working on a long journey with trippy vibes.

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