David Labeij – Hollow Nights

SR055 – Digital
Release date: Dec 2022
David Labeij - Hollow Nights


That Holland is not only known for hardcore and bigroom trance quickly became clear in the noughties of the new millennium, when a new generation of producers around the labels Intacto, Remote Area/Area Remote shot new minimalist house and techno onto the dancefloors.
The new Sound of Amsterdam was born. With the new EP on Sirion Records we welcome David Labeij again.

Hollow Nights
The title track Hollow Nights with its acid bassline, a subliminal drum pattern, synths and percussion drips along comfortably and hypnotically. The listener is offered wobbling sound structures, spherical realms and travel back and forth.
Nhoj Smada's remix focuses on a percussive and broken foundation. The beautifully resonating 303 bassline paired with the hypnotic synth elements, pushes the journey of the original a bit more.

Vintage la Beige
Vintage la beige is a dancefloor oriented, but equally hypnotic track to kick off a long, long club night.
Mike Machine puts his own stamp on the original with a dubby, hypnotic touch, revealing that a true connoisseur was at work.
The second remix was penned by Frieda's Büxe residents Valentino and Henry Sure. Minimal in the basic structure, deliberately peppered with synth elements and effects, the two are very close to the original new Sound of Amsterdam of the noughties.

The dubby tune Iconic with resonating, hypnotic synths, vocal splitter and playful bassline seems very frisky and always interesting due to the unconventionally used percussive elements.
Balance pulls a beautifully drawn-out bassline out of the hat with his remix, which allows only few little breathers by the occasional breaks and could run on endlessly.

The track Vonk, which rounds off the EP, grooves skillfully in the lower frequency range. The synth bass "Vonk" playful and dark and kicks the dancers wonderfully through a room interspersed with smoke and light effects.