Disko Dario – Flaschenpost

SR041 – Digital
Release date: Nov 2015
Disko Dario - Flaschenpost


The Flaschenpost project takes the listener on a journey with high waves and great depths. Disko Dario is one of the outstanding producers of the Bernese scene. He has shown his qualities with several releases on labels like Parquet Recordings, Sinsonic Records and Elastic Trax. A longstanding friendship and collaboration in two compilations precedes his now first EP with Sirion Records.
Disko Dario plays live sets exclusively and is quite selective in picking his stage. His tracks are exceptional and unmistakably stick out of the mass. A Disko Dario live set is known for organic and deep grooves. The combination with the melancholic melodies gives his music the depth, which touches and gets under your skin.
The songs of Flaschenpost (message in a bottle) demonstrate once again his unconditional love for lively synth sounds. The eponymous track "Flaschenpost" convinces with its constant line from beginning to end and predestined for the dancefloor. An interpretation thereof comes from Soukie & Windish from URSL family, well known for her Bachstelzen appearances. The second track “Nebelmeer” (sea of fog) completes this EP with a remix of dedicated Bernese DJ & producer Nicola Koch.


Oliver Schories
Solid, thx!

Paul Hazendonk
Will play Flaschenpost for sure.

Mihai Popoviciu
Great remix from Nicola!

Cosmic Cowboys
The Ep is a big bomb!
All tracks are very interesting particularly Nicola Koch Remix.
For sure one of these tracks will certainly be in our next mix!

Daniel Mehlhart
Bomb Remix.

Yeah Soukie & Windish did it brillant!
Perfect tune for later hours.

Smooth release!

Benno Blome
Top Ep thx!

Manuel Moreno
Fette Ep, full support!

DJ Aroma
Schöner Schunkler.

Simon Beeston
Nebelmeer - Nicola Koch Remix is great!

Noah Pred
Nice originals, thanks.

A couple of good mixes here, thanks a lot!

Ronald Christoph
I like the Nicola Koch Remix.

Alexander Filimonov - KissFM Ukraine
Many thanks! Good music.

Vinicious Honorio
Love Flaschenpost, trippy!

Werner Niedermeier
Like the original mixes.

Patrick Juen
Great tracks and remixes!

Gabriel Creole
Nebelmeer original for me!
I love that lovely and deep track very well.

Calin Marian
Cool package guys, will check out for support!

Magazine - Posivision

Magazine - Tsugi Mag
Nebelmeer for me.

Radio - Altroverso - DJ Misk
Playlist and support in altroverso.

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto
Solid release!

Radio - NOICE! - Harry Ruffner
Yeah the Soukie & Windish Remix is awesome!

Radio - Raza.fm
Nebelmeer im original mix ist ja total gut!
Danke euch, lorena.

Radio - Triangle Fm - Laurent N.
First track is the one for me.

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