Jon Donson – Hold On

SR021 – Digital
Release date: Apr 2010
Jon Donson - Hold On


Sascha Hodler aka JON DONSON reached out to various music genres already at an early stage in his younger years. After beginning his studies in music at the Swiss Jazz School he launched the renowned Swiss party label Elektrostubete with a handful of creative minds. The first EP embodies the variety of experience and love to rhythm.
"Hold On" - a funky house tune with warm sounds declaring the Spring awakening.
"Huiaa" - a view out of a travelling train, the world drifting by…voices in the distance topping off the composition.
"Square" - contrary to its name taking you into musical depth, like a dive into the blue ocean.
NIKO SCHWIND from Berlin, well-known through labels such as Autist and Stil vor Talent completed the EP by contributing a lively and colorful remix of "Huiaa".


Gregor Tresher
Niko Schwind Remix sounds cool, will play!

Kabale Und Liebe
Hold On and Niko Schwind Remix are cool.

Niko Schwind Remix for me!

Chris Lattner
Huiaa is the track i will play from this EP.

Todd Bodine
The Niko Schwind Remix is the one for me. What a bomb! Great tune.

Hot Chip
Nice housey feel to the Niko Schwind Remix, will be playing this.

Great release. Niko’s Remix for us.

Jens Bond
Great tracks, my fav is the Niko Schwind Remix.

Davide Squillace
Full support!

Martin Eyerer
Super cool tunes! Love it. Fav is Hold On!

Niko Schwind Remix!

Someone Else
Niko’s Remix is a nice afternoon summer jam.

Florian Meindl
Huiaa is cool, Niko Schwind Remix too!

Channel X
Runde Sache. Der Niko Schwind Remix gefällt am besten.

Matt Star
Hold on, best track on it!

Niko Schwind Remix is nice!

Huiaa Original Mix is quite tasty…Square is nice also!

Cheers for promo, cool deep grooves. Will be playing Huiaa Original.

Electric Indigo
Hold On is my favorite here - nice disco track!

Gruber & Nürnberg
One of the best Sirion Releases! My favourites are the deep track Square and the amazing Niko Schwind Remix!

Nils Nürnberg
Was für eine geile EP! Genau mein Ding. Alle Tracks sind einfach super! Niko Schwind Remix kommt gleich mit in den neuen Promo Mix!

Patrick Zigon
Very nice EP, full support!

Norman Zube
Super Niko Schwind Remix! Will play it.

Gaetano Parisio
Play it 4 sure, thanx!

Brothers Vibe
Square does it for me - nice one!

Alland Byallo
Huiaa!! Will play Niko’s Remix tonight, but the Original is really great too! Square is super too. Nice EP!

Juergen Kirsch
Yeah great package, especially Niko’s Remix! Will play it sure!

Paulo Olarte
Groovin’ tools, yeah!

Yeah! Great EP...will play Hold On and Huiaa Niko Schwind Remix out there!

Andre Kronert / Neurotron
Like all tracks in the package but see me hammering the Niko Schwind Remix over the whole summer. Well done!

Pierre Deutschmann
Cool release - good afterhour stuff!

Eddy Richards
Square is my pick!

Super EP! Diggin all the originals…will play!

Benna Schneider
Nice housetools.

Really like Square Original Mix and Huiaa Niko Schwind Remix! For me are the nice one.

Cassino Laben
Niko Schwind Remix is amazing!

Maik Loewen
Like the Niko Schwind Remix!

Kenny Substance
Top stuffs from Sirion again! Loving all 3 Original mixes and Niko delivers a pretty cool Remix, support!

Ray Paxon
Starke Produktion! Liegt bei mir schon im Dj Koffer…

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