Jon Donson – The Way It Is

SR032 – Digital
Release date: Aug 2012
Jon Donson - The Way It Is


The enormous variety of flora and fauna is predominant in nature, or there where humans go to great lengths in creating something they can extract pleasure from. It is with this kind of dedication to give full scope and exploration to unknown realms inside his musical development that Jon Donson’s latest accomplishment can be described.
The main track blasts in full bloom to this effect right from the get go. Hypnotic advancement is instantly bestowed through its sprouting shoots and essences within. Even with an overall reduction both original songs transcend a summery ease in perfection. Incessantly we let the rhythms and exquisite sounds carry us to where only natures pulse can caress us, protected and safe, allowing picturesque associations freely.
Patrick Podage, a fellow studio mate contributes a fulminate and healthy secondary interpretation of the main track. Arranging the instruments on higher frequencies, building the frame and its distinctive structure to be emphasized by the ripe bass line is what makes this track what it is. He incorporates the original sounds smartly, and creates tantalizing variations with independent accents.
Jon Donson delivers additionally a second original track, called “You and Me” – nice and smooth as well.
The oeuvre elicits the pollen, the elixir of life from within – gliding and infecting minds and souls heatedly. Satisfyingly we can confirm the emergence of the next generation in our biosphere, so lets rave on...


Hernan Cattaneo
Very cool stuff, thanks!

Tim Green
Really liking Patrick's remix!!

Niko Schwind
Nice Ep, thanks.

Martin Landsky
Both originals are cool.

Daniel Steinberg
Fantastic Ep, great!!

Eddy Richards

Thank you for the good music!

Round Table Knights
Coole Ep!
You and Me gefällt mir sehr gut!

Pablo Bolivar
What a beautifull release guys, exquisite production!
Loving Jon Donson deepness, thanks!
Perfect for my radio sets, love it!

Contemplative & aerial house for this summer.

Simon Beeston
'You And Me' and 'The Way It Is' remix are dope, play.

Noah Pred
Quality deep grooves.

Patrick Podage Remix for me, thanks.

Marko Nastic

Soukie & Windish
I like the way it is.

Werner Niedermeier
Love the Podage remix but You And Me is also great!

Nadja Lind
Nice summer deepness, thanks.

Despite it’s not exactly my a really nice Ep!

Nicolas Duvoisin
Nice release as usually on Sirion.

Mandy Jordan
I like "You and me"...thanks.

Paul Hazendonk
Cool release! Both originals for me.

Don Ramon
Nice EP coming up on Sirion, I like it totally.
Both originals and the remix.


Gabriel Creole
Nice Release, I like the Remix very well!

Ace as always!

Adriano Mirabile
All tracks are solid!
My favs are the Podage remix and the original from Jon.
But will play for sure all of them, well done!

Crazy (
Patricks Mix is really cool!

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Considering for review.

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Magazine - Posivision mag
Cool stuff!

Magazine - Tsugi Mag
Nice Ep.

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)
Playlist in altroverso radio.

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto
Like the free flowing mid paced rhythms of You and Me!

Radio - NOICE! - Harry Ruffner
Deepness from Patrick Podage, love it!

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.
Superb release with 2 beautiful original tracks & nice remix.
Will play & full support!

Radio - Calin aka Catastrophic [Tunnel FM]
Lovely pack, You and Me is my pick here.
Thanks & full support for this pack.
Will support this pack on Tunnel FM for sure.

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu
Gefällt mir, stelle ich vor.
Solid new kicker in Donson's typical style...nice.

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