Kellerkind – Ten Years Disco On The Dancefloor

SR054 – Digital, 12'' Vinyl
Release date: Jul 2022
Kellerkind - 10 Years Disco On The Dancefloor


Should we look back and bring something of the past back into the forefront of our mind?
We think yes!!!
Because Kellerkind's “Disco on the Dancefloor” remains to this day a huge milestone in Sirion Records discography and the original track is still 10 years later an absolute earworm.

Dedication, constant focus on music, care and respect for others, are attributes that continue to apply to Kellerkind and have moved us to a remake of this infamous title.

As the title of the main track says, “Disco on the Dancefloor” with its groovy basses, poignant disco stabs is ideal for the dancefloor and still perfectly suited to inspire the masses.

But Kellerkind doesn’t rest on the guaranteed success of the past, he immediately delivers a thriving remake that perfectly reflects his current musical taste. Percussive, hypnotic and an all-around successful job to dress the track in a new garb.

Fittingly, there are two remixes by 8 Bit labelhead Gorge and Bernese producer Youen, among others.
A housy framework paired with percussion, discoid bass line and the hypnotic synth surface in the usual Gorge manner, not only gets the legs bobbing and the head nodding, but animates to conquer the dance floor.
Youen's techhousy remix puts the focus more on kick and clap and therefore comes as a true stomper. Peppered with the discreetly used samples, this makes for a wonderfully danceable mix for peak time.

10 Years of “Disco on the Dancefloor” is therefore more current than ever and an absolute must in the record bag, either on vinyl or digitally.


Supported by:
Joris Voorn, Steve Parry, Michel de Hey, Martin Landsky, Paco Osuna, Eelke Kleijn, Anthony Pappa, Dole & Kom, Marco Berto, Daniel Mehlhart, Vanilla Ace, Ruben Mandolini, Kiss FM, Laurent N., Audio Junkies, De La Maso, Zoë Xenia, Chris Fortier, Daniel.fx

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