Mastra – Nanook, Pt. 1 - Figures in a Landscape

SR049 – Digital
Release date: Dec 2020
Mastra - Nanook, Pt. 1 - Figures in a Landscape


Mastra, Sirion Records long-time friend and at the same time Bernese veteran when it comes to electronic music in all its facets, is launching an extensive oeuvre consisting of three independent EPs. It forms a fusion between visual art in the form of cover artwork and musical creation. Mastra and the visual artist Johannes Luna had this fusion planned quite some time, but it took a clandestine meeting in a pub to seal the deal. They philosophized extensively about the connection between visual art and music. It is the abstraction in Mastra's music that inspired Johannes and ultimately flowed into his art to make this complete work possible. Musically, this project moves in deep and techhouse realms with influences from the genres of Dub, Funk and Soul, paired with the usual light-footedness from Mastra's production pool.