Michael Strauss – Amira

SR018 – Digital
Release date: Mar 2009
Michael Strauss - Amira


MICHAEL STRAUSS presents us a timeless and dreamy techhouse number with progressive sounds and a deep going rhythm - spread your wings!
The first remix is delivered by the notorious German Duo FUNKWERKSTATT.
A reduced and groovy track that makes you move - peaktime.
The following interpretation is produced by the young and gifted talent from Hannover:
LEKTRO - the arrangement is an impressive tale.
And finally there is the remix by VOL-TEK from Zurich: A driven rhythm in the basis and some varied melodies in the superstructure. Always awaiting the leading element: pah pah pah - pure drama!


Andre Kronert
I love all 4 tunes, well done!
Will play and support for sure!

Alex Costa
The version for me is the Funkwerkstatt Remix.
Will play it for sure!

Gianluca Motta
Funkwerkstatt Remix: Perfect modern house music!
Play it for sure in my opening act.

Eric Entrena
I like Funkwerstatt Remix! Will play it for sure!!

Nils Nürnberg
Bei dem Paket gefällt mir der Funkwerkstatt Remix am besten.
Reduziert und sehr effektiv würd ich sagen. Wird gespielt!

David Phillips
Good stuff here! Lektro Remix is it for me. Well done. 7/10

Samy Fresh
Nice package, my favorite of it is the Vol-tek Remix, nice works dudes!

Lektro Remix, coool sound!!

Kenny Wee c/o Pure Substance Management
Brilliant release! Wicked Remix from Funkwerkstatt!

Arthur Barr
Love the Vol-tek and Lektro Remixes!

Bjoern Stolpmann
Schöne EP...gefällt mir. Mein Top-Favorit ist ganz klar der Lektro-Remix.

Amit Shoham
Another solid release from the Sirion crew! Nice work.
Original and Vol-tek Remixes for me.

Hans Tavera
Vol-tek remix works good for me!

Very good EP!
Love Lektro's and Vol-tek's Remixes! Will play them for sure.

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