Midnight Pulse – Kings and Demons

SR039 – Digital
Release date: Feb 2015
Midnight Pulse - Kings and Demons


With the release of this album Sirion shows its versatility and returns to its original label character to a certain extent. Repetitive dance music combined with progressive accents and profound expression. The songs of Midnight Pulse appear in gloomy facets from the depths of faraway realms. The listener is sent on a mystical journey and enchanted by the voice of Myrto Stylou. She completes the Greek combo ideally and gives the tracks a subtle, a partial or a main depth with her exciting range of song.
On the album there are seven original pieces in various intensities. They range from ambient moods to strong propulsive rhythms and still act as a whole unit. The detail-studded album stays gripping for the audience and exudes a cozy atmosphere, especially probably because of his epic appearance full of energy. Yes, let this colossal piece impress you.


Cool sounds, thanks!!

Guy J
Excellent, thnx!

Ruede Hagelstein
Interesting music, thx.

Stacey Pullen
Cool will try thanks.

Secret Cinema
Very pleasent and warm sounding, thanks!

Edu Imbernon
Cool Package, thanks!

Mihalis Safras
Great accoustic selection here... great job boys!

Daniel Mehlhart
Nice deeply feelin'.

Laurent N. Garnier
Super Album & stuff here.
Will play & full support!!

Nice one!

Animal Trainer
Remain & Sub Messages are outstanding!

Pablo Bolivar
Excellent work, will listen carefully, thanks!

Thanks for that, nice to c my boys coming back strongly!

Andre Crom
Great great stuff!

Ray Foxx - Kiss FM
Cool, I'll give it a go!

Was für ein tolles release!!
Das Klangbild aller Tracks ist echt grandios und man gelangt beim anhören schon etwas in eine andere Welt!

Someone Else
Nice Ep.

Paco Buggin
Awakened by You.

Slam Mode
Feelin' this...well done!

Pathaan - BBC
Shivers! Thankyou x.

Jamie George - Rinse Rec, UK
Really feeling some of these, great vibe.

Thank you, downloading.

Werner Niedermeier
Mirror Lake is my pick!

Sophie Nixdorf
Thanks for the promos.

Flash Back, Sub Messages and Remain are my choices, thank you!

Wannabeats - Pop Lock, Tel Aviv
It's the less intensive pieces that really shine thorough here.

Nicola Koch
Ich find die Tracks Sub Messages, Mirror Lake und Stars Above super!
Allgemein das ganze Album ist grossartig!!

Miguel Puente
Nice work, thanks.

Javier Benitez - Mar Del Plata, Argentina
Flash Back sounds beautiful!
And all the tracks rocks, really nice vibes here.

Dominik Mai - progressive-world.at
Awakened by You is my favorite!

Denis A

Art-D-Fact – several, Holland

Bruno Garca / BlandiBru - Clubbingspain/Denso/GO!, Barcelona
Awesome release, reaaaallly good.

King Thing
Nice, thanks.

Tommy - Biasonic, Glasgow
Nice work. Tunes fit together nicely and good production.
Flash Back and Sub Messages are highlights so far.

Severino Panzetta - Horse Meat Disco
Pretty cool vibe.

Maksymilian Galasiewicz - Gdańsk, Poland
I like it, especially tracks with Myrto Stylou.

Black Girl / White Girl - blackgirl-whitegirl.com, Israel / Amsterdam

Nathan Detroit - many
Love Flash Back, so weird!

Maribou State - Le Shack
Interesting offer.
Might be a little all over the shop as a whole but some great tracks amongst it.

Very interesting.

Ola Persson - www.alloutdubstep.com, Stockholm

Yusuf Sebaiti - Brighton
Lovin Kings and Demons.

Nick Davies - The Boogie Wonderland Show
Excellent sounds love them.

Callie Tayman
At first listen, this is a little too 'burning man' for me.
And I live in Oregon... so that is saying something.
I do like the work and can appreciate the euphoric melodies, but right now I am not coming down from drugs so its just a touch too spacey emotional for my tastes.
I think I will have to give this another listen at a more appropriate time.

Chille jr. - Croatia
Flash Back is nice!

Mouj - Jaded / ALiVE
Cool package thanks.

John - www.watchthehype.com, London
Really emotional, building tracks.

Mathieu Schreyer - kcrw, Los Angeles
Flash Back for me, thanks.

DFRNT - Insight / Echodub / Cut / Sitting Ovation
Love these - depth, darkness and mystery - great tracks.
Definitely supporting.

Lane 8
Nice tunes but not quite right for my sets.

Kate Wildblood - Real City Network Gay Times Wild Fruit, Brighton
Intense pleasures x.

DJ Jakki Degg
I love them all, powerful!

Ben Pooley aka Phat Chex
Looking forward to giving this a proper listen.
Lovely deep, dark thought provoking stuff!

Dj Sossa

Really nice.

Ian Blevins - we love
First listen sounds ace.
Looking forward to hearing this in full from start to finish.

Sasha (via Steve Parry)
Cool tracks.

Lush!!! Remain is gorgeous track!
Brilliant stuff!

Blog - soundrevolt.com
I only checked the first two tracks but something tells me I'm gonna love the whole release.

Bleed - de:bug
Considering for review.

Soundwall.it - Rome
Considering for review.

Ben Ó Faoláin - Nós magazine, Ireland

Giorgio Valletta - DJ Mag Italia, Rumore Magazine
Dj mag Italia.

Magazine - Posivision
Thank you, sweet album.

Michael Leuffen - Piranha, Cologne
Sub Messages is really great.

Larry Fitzmaurice - Fader

Si Edwards - Shazam

Tariq Ziyad - www.nu-rave.com, UK
This is bass music going forward, deep melodic and tranquil but still bass orientated, deep and delectable.

Angel Molina - Loft
Not for playing, but the intimate Sub Messages does a lot for me.

Craig Pugnetti - Radar Radio
Nice to listen too but can't really fit it in my sets.

Sam Hopkins - AccuRadio.com
Remain's atmospherics and moody energy are killer.
Similarly, Mirror Lake and Kings and Demons are lovely atmospheric tunes!
Jason Bye - Space/Mambo
Some really nice dark beats.

Nicholas - www.audiodoughnuts.com, London
An interesting release, love how dark it is!

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)
Playlist and support in altroverso.

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto
Digging the moody and deep atmospheres - Sub Messages is my fave.

Radio - Leri Ahel / Mutant Disco Radio Show
Love Awakened by you.

Radio - Mystic Vybes (Mike Stukes)

Radio - NOICE! - Harry Ruffner
Quite a nice album effort. Well done.

Radio - pure fm (Steve Raschke)
Full support on pure fm.

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu
Vorstellung wert.

Louk - Eat Music, DI.FM / UK
Dark, and some nice vocal numbers with Myrto, not for my sets but really dig!

Erwin Kelemen - www.radio-fds.de
Fine melodic release, playing.

Whistla - Sub.FM, whistla.com
Nice album, will prob be playing Mirror Lake.

Andrea - Radio 1 / www.foldedwing.co.uk
Great thanks.

Mikhail Kostrov - Radio Record
Thanks, will support.

James Ward - SourceFM
Great selection of tracks, Mirror Lake is the one for me.

Carlos Contreras - Tilos Radio Budapest
Nice, but maybe hard to mix stuff.

Alex Ruder - KEXP 90.3fm, Seattle
Sounding brilliant. beautiful textures, eerie atmospheres, just the sound i love.

Das Kapital - 5FM / Assembly Radio, South Africa
This is incredible work.
Flash Back pulls at my heart strings.
Definitely going to have to listen to this properly later.

Calin - Deep & Deeper Radio Show / Tunnel FM, Sweden
Cool package.

Soundspace - Belfast UK
Mirror Lake is the one!

Sebas Ramis - sub-urban.es, Mallorca
Many favorites in this pack thanks for the music!

Marius Funk - www.Bln.Fm, Berlin
Great release!

Andre Langenfeld - Fritz FM, Berlin
Mirror Lake is my fav - many thanks!

Normski - www.hoxton.fm
This a fantastic and very well crafted album.
Fantastic vibes Midnight Pulse.

Jason Pepperell - Juice FM, Brighton
I'll see what I can do.

Nicholas Concklin - sub.fm / HighOnBeats.com
Love this so so much.

Monster productions, added to playlist.

Leri Ahel - Pioneer DJ radio, Mix people FM, Dinamo FM Radio 808
Lovely album for home pleasure.

Charlie Tee - Kiss Fresh (KISS FM) / www.undergroundslice.com
Emotive electronica at it's finest!

Chris Wave - Scratch Radio / The Seventh Wave
Impressed with Flash Back…dark edge to this track.

Foster - Sub FM
Amazingly deep!

Thaddeus Herrmann - Radio Fritz / De:Bug
Really diverse and interesting - will dive deeper.

Ison - Actor One / NON Radio
Nice work!

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