Pablo Bolivar, Mastra – Zak Zak

SR037 – Digital, 12'' Vinyl
Release date: Sep 2014
Pablo Bolivar & Mastra - Zak Zak


Good things come to those who wait. True to this phrase the joint project by Pablo Bolivar and Mastra aka Stefan Willenegger emerged after an extensive period of time. Nevertheless words were still rapidly followed by deeds. It’s the year 2012. Pablo was in Berne already for the second time to present his compositions as part of the Sirion Liaison at the Kapitel Bollwerk to an interested audience. Such opportunities are often ideal times for joint studio jam sessions – as was this visit. The meeting brought forth creative work between the two musicians, which they attemted to intensify.
No sooner said than done - several exciting song sketches made their way back to the Iberian Peninsula. Influenced by interpersonal harmonies that were mutually understood as meaningful enrichment and ultimately extended to so much more than purely technical exchange.
The cooperation was not very effortless due to distance as well as visibly moving facets. Thus, the resulting songs are characterized by their sensual sound. Both men speak a very similar language, moreover, they are in their human nature like-minded people, which may explain the successful convergence in this conception.
However, the abilities and characters of each artist are clearly evident in the songs. Two other Bernese musicians have additionally shaped the project. The guitarist Bernard Siffert and saxophonist Thomas Ott could specifically make their mark.
From today's perspective, the songs seem to have a timeless span and a style that can’t be clearly categorized. Fact is: Detailed and playful dance music for the sensitive and delicate nature, with a fresh summery touch! The four songs are ultimately found on two "dark" sides. Hard to tell them apart by eye, however, audibly varied in captivating differences - listen!


Josh Wink
Liking the Dub Zak Zak.
Keeps grooving deeper on and on…

Gel Abril
Love Pablo stuff!

Nice tracks.

Nice EP. Will give it a shot out on the playa!

Riva Starr
Thx love it!

Thanks, Dub Mix!

Will test on loud! Thx

Joyce Muniz
Great Ep, good job! Love zak zak.

Mihai Popoviciu
Rock solid EP! Will play Zak Zak!

Stacey Pullen
Cool will try thanks.

Zak Zak is great - thanks!

Anton Kubikov (Scsi-9)
Sound is nice!
I like Zak zak dub version.

Daniel Mehlhart

Zak zak dub mix is nice, cool vibes.

Noah Pred

Simon Beeston
Nice release. Larip for me, but all great.

Dubble d / Moodymanc
Nice vibes throughout.

Amazing music here, loving all the tracks!

Great soundscapes. Keep’em coming like this.

Really nice release from Pablo "Not Jet" is a super track.

Patrick Zigon
Great Ep from my bern & barcelona buddies - love it!

Sounds good!

Animal Trainer
Whatta stunning combo.
Top favs are here Not Jet & Larip, great job guys!

Great! Loving this..Zak Zak dub and Larip are my 2 favourites.

Patrick Bateman
Zak Zak dub and Not Jet are cool, and perfect for the summer vibes.
Will try them.

Anthony Pappa
Cool EP.
Best track here is "Zak Zak Original Mix”.

Good release here... thanks!

Franco Bianco
Huge one!
Thanks for the music! I will consider for my Radio Show at Delta FM 90.3 in Buenos Aires and also for my upcoming gigs!

Tale Cooper
Nice sounds...will play...thx

Cool Ep, support, thanks.

Sehr cool.

Alessandro Crimi
Ist super euer neues release!

Manuel Moreno
Wow big ep - full support!

Bomben EP, full support!! Thanx

Anette Party
Very immersive release - especially feelin' the soulful vibe of Zak Zak!

DJ Dub
Not jet is great for this summer!

Luca Doobie
Dub mix is superdope...thnx.

Good Guy Mikesh
Will play Larip.

Larip for me, cool vibes!

Sophie G James
Enjoying the sax on Not Jet.
Question is who is Zak Zak...

Nice one, thanks!

Robbie Akbal
Lovely record here!!
Full support, great tunes.

Manou De Jean
Dub mix for me!

Bart van Rijn
Very nice & smooth release!

Adriano Mirabile
Great EP, so much to discover in each track, will def. play them!

Karlos Sense
Not Jet is my favourite but I will be playing everything.
It's amazing, support!

Loving zak zak original mix, a minimal sound with a touch of guitar instrument, awesome!
And the dub just killin it, heavy stuff!
Diggin the vibe on not jet, quite nice ambiance and larip taking it to deeper sound.
Nicely done, great EP! Loving all tracks.

Great release. Original mixes are super.
Thanks for the music.

Sandro Bianchi
Nice project!

Adam Saville
Zak Zak is a beast.

Terrence Pearce
Dub mix of Zak Zak is my fav.

Benoit C
Larip for me.

Mirco Violi
Very nice music.downloading.

Colin Perkins
Zak Zak for me!

Mathieu Schreyer
Very cool! Like that dub.

Joost Kumtome
Good work, Not Jet & Larip getting the rinse for sure!

Neil Quigley
Zak Zak is superb!

Rick Air
Thanx, will check this out.

Larip is slow wonkyness galore.

Michael Leuffen
Dub mix...great!

Damian Wilson

Deep vibes im on it! Dig all 3 tracks Larip being ma fav.

Sophie Nixdorf
Thanks a lot!

De:Bug - Sascha Koesch
Considering for review.

Magazine - Posivision
Deep & bouncy!!

Magazine - Tsugi Mag
Dub mix for me.

BBC Radio 1 - Xanthe Fuller
Really nice.

Ibiza Global Radio - Jose Maria Ramon
Nice! Will play it on Ibiza Global Radio,thanks!

Ministry of Sound Radio - Nate Goodman
Bomb ting!

BBC Radio 3 - Nick Luscombe
Track 3 is amazing...original and nostalgic in one.

Juice FM - Jason Pepperell
Larips cool.

Radio Record - Mikhail Kostrov
Thanks, will support.

Freaks Radio Show - Beta Boy
Not Jet feat. Saxtom (Original Mix) is amazing.

Dace Radio Latvia - Bogdan Taran
Liking the deep vibe of Zak Zak - both versions are cool.

Radio Fujiko Bologna - Luca Santarelli
Not Jet feat. Saxtom (Original Mix) is my favorite track.

AccuRadio - Sam Hopkins
Larip is killer tune. Dig the deep vibe and melodic moments!

1 LIVE Radio + Byte.FM Radio - Klaus Fiehe
Reminds me to mathew jonson/cobblestone jazz.
Really nice and tasteful!

Mutant disco radio show - Leri Ahel
All around nice release.

KEXP 90.3fm - Alex Ruder
Nice sunday evening vibes here.

M94.5 - Matthias Kammel
Great stuff, like the tribal influence a lot.

SLAM!FM - Jochem Hamerling
Veeery nice!

Radio DFM - Disko Avenue
Nice Ep, support!

You FM Clubnight - Frank Eckert
Bolivar is one of the few truely versatile artists, love his work!

SourceFM - James Ward
Great collection of tracks, Zak Zak having those chilled elements and deep enough to thrive a poolside party.
Great guitar samples and rhythms, summery vibes.

South Africa / 5FM / Assembly Radio - Das Kapital
Really feeling the dub mix of Zak Zak.

Tilos radio budapest - Carlos Contreras
Gonna play the dubz.

Radio Galaxie 95.30FM (France) - Will Turner
Sounds good, will try to support this ep on Galaxie FM.

Ibiza Sonica Radio - BRUNO
Quite nice.

Radio Magnetic - Paul
Dayum funky

WA12 Radio - Lateral
Loving the feel of Not Jet.

FBBB - cH!co
Straight rollers.

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)
Playlist and support in altroverso radio.

Radio - AMDJS (St.Petersburg)
Nice cuts!

Radio Tunnel FM - Swed - Calin aka Catastrophic
Great package guys, thank you.

Radio - Dirk Domin (Byte.FM)
Summer stuff, but not only.

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto
Feeling the smooth rhythmic mid paced flow of Not Jet feat. Saxtom!

Radio - Ibiza Global Radio (Jose)
Nice! Will play it on Ibiza Global Radio, thanks.

Radio - Leri Ahel / Mutant Disco Radio Show
"Not jet" and "Larip" are great.

Radio - Mystic Vybes (Mike Stukes)
Summer MADness!

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.
Top Ep. All is good for me!
A great stuff by the 2 artists.
Will play & all my support!

Radio - TwenFm 88.4 FM // Berlin
Good EP, thanks.

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu
Gefällt mir, stelle ich vor.

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