Rafael Kasma – On the Road with Microcon

SR046 – Digital, 12'' Vinyl
Release date: Dec 2018
Rafael Kasma - On the Road with Microcon


The «On the Road with Microcon» is the essence of a two-year history in the form of an album by Bernese producer Rafael Kasma. His music took on a new twist during this period - dry house tracks in Mountain People style, combined with breaks, acid, electro, and even pop-ish attitudes. One constant, however, remains with all the resulting songs: The monophonic synthesizer «Microcon», produced in the nineties.
This musical diary is complemented by interpretations by Youandewan, Adrian Bergmann and Kevin Villar.


Nick Warren
Bouncy Castle is great!

Gerd Janson
Almost missed these tracks, thanks!

Joyce Muniz
Nice tunes.

Dan Drastic
That's some beautiful shit. Great work.

Robbie Akbal
Youadewan Dub is really great.

Paco Osuna
Will try thanks!

Massimiliano Pagliara
Nice tunes.

Sympathetic Bouncy Castle is dope and perfectly fits on my warmup sets.

Mihai Popoviciu
Quality music! Will try irrational pig.

Danny Tenaglia

Chris Fortier
Sounds good.

Youandewan mix 4 me!

Dave DK
Youandewan Dub, cheers!

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