Various Artists – Sirion Voyage 1 - A Ten Year Retrospective

SV1 – Digital
Release date: Mar 2014
Sirion Voyage 1 - A Ten Year Retrospective


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” (Laozi 604 bc)

What began quietly and modestly 10 years ago, grew with every step covered on a journey on which local and international artists have left their mark in the label catalogue.
Thus the perfect moment to publish, after almost 36 releases, a retrospective of the complete works of Sirion Records, which shows the musical career with all facets and some highlights in the history of the label.
A milestone was certainly the very first release of romanian Cristian Paduraru, which joins this compilation as the Modunique remix.
Another is Kellerkind's debut with Sirion Records with the aptly named “Bergluft” (mountain air). This track marked a turning point in the history of the label in relation to the Beatport charts.
The actual pressing on vinyl of Mastra's “Reminded EP” was the first step into physical media and is represented here by digitrack “Imring”.
The to-date most successful project is “Disco On The Dancefloor” dedicated by Kellerkind exceeded all expectations and can be regarded as biggest highlight.
As a worthy representation of the sampler series “Bärn Kompileischn” paying tribute to our hometown of Berne and its abundant scene, the young DJ and producer Buraq contributes with his track “Dottoressa”.
A total of 21 selected tracks, which are represented on this compilation, reflect in chronological order the spirit and the steps taken so far on a hopefully long journey of Sirion Records.