Sleek & Cheek – Smokin

SR034 – Digital
Release date: Apr 2013
Sleek & Cheek - Smokin


The artist duo Sleek & Cheek only recently joined forces are Daniele und Luca, a.k.a. Little Lu of the Elektrostubete collective, who already had the opportunity to release his remix work on Sirion vinyl in 2011. The two Berne based artists focused more and more on making music together in the last years. A variety of diverse tracks were created. The songs on the upcoming EP are focused on contemporary dance floor. Quickly it’s clear, no prisoners, no compromise, strictly music. The overall structure is rather reduced nevertheless the tracks carry an incredible dynamic. Sure, sitting on a park bench… enjoying the carefree, straightforward fair weather music with a pinch of melancholy that touches the soul in an overall positive way – that too was intentional.
Content wise the masterpiece is well rounded. Upon a first hearing the tracks even sound alike. But take a closer listen and find the various shapes and ways that revoke the first impression clearly. Subtle details appear and the classic DJ arrangements are set perfectly.
East London based East End Dubs has contributed a powerful, mainly kick drum and sub bass focused remix of “Go Home”. The reduced sounds in the background give room to the main subject, in true EED style! Here too his own laws apply; superior reduced sounds with heavy compression – you can’t ask for a better way to be moved by true bass filled statures. The smiles on quivering lips in the faces are merely the icing at this point.


Acid Pauli
When I go home smokin, I open the window.

Love the vocals on this!

Tim Green
Smokin is phat!!
Sure support coming from me!

Martin Landsky
Go home original for me here…

Guy J
Smokin is nice, thnx good luck.

Marcus Meinhardt
Good stuff.

Carlo Lio
Smokin original is cool.

Matthew Dekay
I'm so excited to play these tunes.
The whole EP is great. Good work!

Mihai Popoviciu
Will try the remix!

Luna City Express
After first listening go home is my fav.

Eelke Kleijn
Great pack, thanks!

Axel Bartsch
Smokin is a nice laid back chiller.

Someone Else
Nice EP.

All tracks are super fine here, thanks guys!

Mikael Stavöstrand
Love these tracks... awesome, thanks.

Thanks :)

Florian Schirmacher
Nice release, thx.

Simon Beeston
Go home is cool! Cheers.

Very nice release!

Noah Pred
Feeling the Go Home original - sleek indeed!

Toby Dreher
Go Home Original Mix!

Again a lovely release on Sirion, thanks!

Round Table Knights
Den Smokin werde ich sicher mal spielen, gefällt mir gut!

Jay Cooper
Relaxin’…will test it in my early mornin’ sets.

Yes super EP!
Favorit ist wohl Go Home Original und der EastEndDubs Remix ebenfalls.
Finde beide Versionen Spitze.

Summer (Brendon Collins)
This is massive, I will include in my next sets, thanks.

Thank you for good music!

DJ Aroma
Thank you for great music.

Justin Field
Great stuff.

Big time.

Norman Zube
Great release, thanks for sending.

F.E.X. (Robotronic Paris)
Nice groove.

Dejan (Cityfox)
Wow, starke EP!

Stefanos Nosak (
Very good release.

Cristian Paduraru
Vibrant support for inspiring housemusic!

Werner Niedermeier
Originals are good. Like Smokin the most.

Reto Ardour
Hammer Release, big support!
Das Original bewegt mich wohl noch ein bisschen mehr...Big up!

Nicolas Duvoisin
Yeah, really nice EP.
Will play for sure this week end thank you very much!

Don Ramon
Nice Release!
My favourite is "Go Home", but I also like the remix and "Smokin".

Very solid EP!
Smokin & go home (East End Dubs remix) for me!

Beats On Demand
Sehr gelungenes Release, "Go Home - Original Mix" gefällt besonders!

Full Support.
Für mich eindeutig Nummer 1, der Smokin Track!

De:Bug - Sascha Kösch
Considering for review.

Magazine - OurHouse // Dean Facer
Great vibe!

Magazine - FAZE (Rafael Da Cruz)
Great atmosphere!

Magazine - Posivision

Magazine - Tsugi Mag
Go Home original for me.

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)
Playlist in Altroverso radio.

Radio - AMDJS (St.Petersburg)
East End Dubs remix is pretty cool. Thanks!

Radio - Calin aka Catastrophic (Tunnel FM - Swed)
Great package guys, will support this on Tunnel FM for sure.

Radio - Castle.FM Scotland (Darren Smith)
Very nice bounce to this, full support.

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto
Smokin's the joint - lovely rhythmic groover!

Radio - Docepulgadas (Spain)

Radio - NOICE! - Harry Ruffner
My Goodness... this East End Dubs remix is fucking sweet!

Radio - Radio Fritz (Bruno Dietel)
Will be airplayed on Radio Fritz Remix Nightflight!

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.
Nice release with a good groove.
Will play & full support!

Radio E-Volution / Tim Jones
Smokin is pretty cool! Will play it!
Remix of Go home for my sets, nice little funker.
Will push and play, thx.

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