Vol-tek – Male & Female

SR005 – Digital
Release date: Aug 2007
Vol-tek - Male & Female


After some excellent remixes the two boys from Zuerich and Berne drop some smooth prog/tech house tracks which will shake your mind, your body and your soul.


Chloe Harris
Reaaally love babylon. Will play it this weekend and will let you know how it goes. Really good stabs and chord progression/changes. Love the good groovy vibe, awesome!

Francis Davila
Thanks for sending me the promos, I have been playing all your releases... I really love the stuff that you are putting out...

Sind zwei schöne deepe housige tracks.

David Phillips
This 2 tracks are very nice. Like them. Full support 8/10.

Cristian Paduraru
Wow, Vol-tek brings the deep out of techno & house in the Male&Female and Babylon on Sirion!!
Will play well in any Techno or House set. 10/10

BP Zulauf
Nice tunage here, really good for starting a set with...nice depth and groove!

Steve Active / Paste, Kumquat Tunes/Plusquam
Cool tunes...summertime feeling!

Samy Fresh
Very nice release! i prefere the "male&female" track... full support from me...

Mr. Rogers
Love Babylon's bassline with those dark stabs. The track is consistent without any slowdowns keep'n the crowd pump'n for a whole 8 minutes. Male & Female is def my fav. dirty & deep. Synth work is amazing as well as the dark twisted vocals adding great atmosphere. Followed by a f*ck'n catchy hook, what else could u ask for! Both are already gett'n play from me!

Kenny Wee, PureSubstance
Babylon is my fav here. Love how it rides from one point to another point.

Vol-tek should thinking about working for the NASA.
Indeed they've produced two rockets suitable for any spacetrip that needs large amounts of quantum advance. Both male&female and babylon will find a place in my sets! Clean produced, intelligent arranged, what else to ask for?!? Keep em' commin'!!

Salva Cotanda
The release SR005 is very good , Especially the track male and female, good deep tech-house for my sets!

Andrea Mocce
Hey thank you very much, i'll play it for sure!

Wicked trax!
Have charted...babylon...my fav of the 2! Great work, will be very popular!

Facu Cruz
Amazing groove in both tracks, really dig the vocal samples in Male & Female and the percussion of Babylon. Both high quality music!

Dan Welton
My favorite track of the package is Male and Female. Very interesting tune with a wicked groove. Can't wait to test it on the dance floor.

Michel Zola
You are a great producer my friend...Your 2 new tracks are amazin!

Jeff Belfi
Vol-tek rocks and all else need to bow before them..a bit too much? Much respect.

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